Ladybird Evie Cot Bed – Pine

Ladybird for Eva Cot Bed – Pine is a great proposal which will certainly enrapture young parents which care about the frugality on the purchase cheap furniture.

If you are one of them and you want your child to have a comfortable bed and reliable mattresses you should be satisfied with this offer. It was created of very strong and truly safe wood, therefore you come with a warranty, that your child even during the party will be safe. So he isn’t able so that it hits or did itself harm. In this model it is an applied curiosity, that when your child grows you can remove side panels and make for him the normal bed this small bed. It is a true pleasure, therefore check our chances in furniture dublin.

Certainly you will take them to, and the price will cause that you will decide on the purchase exactly in our shop. Only now behind Ladybird Eva Cot bed available in colour pine you will pay only € 95, so it is a really tempting chance which you cannot resist.